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The challenge is on!!

Everyone at Emporia Avenue is being challenged to cut the cord one day a week this year.

What does that mean?  Turn the TV off, don't substitute with the computer. Instead, use the time to do something for someone else.  Look for a need in our congregation.  Have you noticed someone hasn't been feeling well and missed some services - check on them.  Take them a bowl of soup. Send them a card.  Or check in with a neighbor and reach out to them.  Make that connection that may lead to a study.  Any of these things will work.

Most importantly, pray for the congregation as we strive to take on this challenge.  Pray for the stamina to accomplish it.  Pray for its success.  Pray for all who will be reaching out, and for those who will be receiving the many blessings that are sure to follow!

Then let us know here every week, what you accomplished.  Don't feel like you are tooting your own horn, see it as giving everyone else ideas of what can be done!  If you are on Facebook, you can post on the church page.  Or write down what you have done and put it in the collection plate on Sunday.  No names necessary!

We can't wait to hear the wonderful things that are being accomplished on your household's "Cut The Cord" Day!




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