HISTORY - 1955  (This information was taken from a 1955 church directory.)

   The church of Christ had its beginning in Wichita, over half a century ago. On August 23, 1903, a small group of Christians began meeting in a residence at 333 Cleveland Avenue. No permanent meeting place was available during this early period, which necessitated many changes of location. The gradual growth enabled the congregation to purchase its first meeting house at the corner of Mathewson and First. Many congregations, both locally and abroad, can trace their beginning, either directly or indirectly, back to this first Wichita congregation. May we ever "offer a prayer of thanks to God" to the foresight and wisdom shown by those good brethren, and the many others on down the pages of time.

   In 1912 a few of the members of the Mathewson and First congregation, living on the West Side, began meeting in their homes for Bible study. This continued for about two years, at which time it was decided to erect a small building at 1006 W. Maple. On March 22, 1914, the work started with a gospel meeting. At the close of this meeting about 35 members began regular work. In 1918 they were organized as a separate congregation. In 1923, having outgrown the house, lots were purchased and a building was erected at the corner of University and Walnut.
In the summer of 1930, a building was purchased at the corner of Emporia and Lincoln, where G. K. Wallace, who was then working with the University and Walnut congregation, conducted a meeting. At the close of the meeting a congregation was organized known as the Emporia Avenue Church of Christ. At that time Wichita was then blessed with three congregations active in the work of the Lord.

   Because of their united love for the Gospel, their uncompromising stand for the truth only, with a pioneering spirit in regard to new fields and an eye to the future, the city of Wichita now is blessed with 12 active congregations of the Lord's church. You will find all 12 of these congregations with addresses and phone numbers of their local evangelists and elders at the back of this directory.

   A history of this congregation would not be complete without mention of some of the goals already achieved. A few years ago the Emporia Avenue elders decided to help a small struggling congregation in Manhattan, Kansas, who were meeting in a converted dwelling. Today they are practically self-supporting, and have just recently purchased a building of their own. Already they are asking, "where can we expand?". The Emporia Avenue church has extended a helping hand and sacrificed many of its members in various directions of the world as well as to many congregations of the city.

   This congregation was instrumental in making possible the "seeing and hearing" of the nation-wide ABC Radio Broadcast of the Herald of Truth gospel message. This message originated from the halls of the Arcadia Auditorium, Forum Building, to an estimated radio audience in America of approximately 3,000,000 listeners. Over 100 neighboring congregations were invited to the originating broadcast. The city of Wichita, after witnessing a full page ad of this occasion, in the local paper, soon realized that truly, the Wichita churches of Christ were on the march.
Just recently the Laclede congregation was established by the Emporia Avenue congregation, and furnished it with a completely new building and equipment. Over $23,000.00 was raised in a short time to finance this operation. Today, they are practically self-supporting and ready to expand.
The Emporia Avenue church is extremely fortunate in being, under the oversight of four elders with a desire to unit their efforts and vision to the advancement of the future growth of Christ's kingdom. We ask your prayers that we may remain sound in the faith, godly in our lives, and devoted to the welfare of the church. May we also be thankful. for the sincere deacons, song directors and Bible School teachers that God has blessed us with. Also, for the many thoughtful deeds of every member from time to time and the ever present desire to dwell together in unity.

   If the past is a prediction of the future, then surely the kingdom of Christ in Wichita can be led to greater heights. Even as the light of that sacred star which guided men wiser than the kings of this earth to the feet of Jesus to pay honor to Him, so may the thought of the future guide each of us to direct the footprints of our friends and neighbors to Jesus also.

   May the aim of the 12 congregations in Wichita be -

Elders, Emporia Avenue Church of Christ

Taken from a 1955 church directory.